Drugs are Good, OK?

Why are drugs illegal? Have you ever thought about it? I understand some people waste their life away and make bad decisions while on them, but what it that to YOU?

Drugs make me feel good, all of them, always have. I did them heavily when I was a teenager; Pot, cocaine, alcohol, ecstasy, mushrooms, acid, pills- uppers, downers, taking a lot of sinus medicine to get high, I even tried crack one time just to try it. So basically I’ve tried everything but heroine, but I do love pain killers.

I still enjoy these drugs recreationally, but I am not strung out or put them before family, work or responsibilities and I definitely have my shit together. In fact, I think thats the reason why I do. My husband does not do drugs and does not like me doing them but he doesn’t make a big deal out of it because like I said I have my shit tether, better than he does.

So when I say I have my shit together I mean I run a large company with 2 busy locations, own several properties commercial and residential and have 2 very smart boys one is not even a son I gave birth to, a healthy pregnancy with a girl due in 3 months, who I have a feeling will run the world one day. FYI- I do not talk about my accomplishments ever, but this is my blog and kinda my diary so I’m putting that part in here to make my point. (I try and pretend like its only me reading this so I keep it real.)

There is a difference between me and people who get addicted to cigarets or pain killers though, not sure what it is but its obvious. And let me tell you, cigarettes where by far the most addicting thing in the world and thats probably because it’s legal! Why in the word are cigarettes, alcohol and McDonalds legal and not marijuana? Cigarettes, alcohol and fast food cause so much harm.

I also found out that the government has a patten on medicinal use of marijuana, and yet its illegal. WHHHAAAAATTTT!

Here’s another reason why I’m even writing this blog. People get arrested and go to prison for a long time for getting arrested with an illegal substance after a third offense. Someone please tell me why we arrest people who want to get high? Them getting high or abusing drugs does not effect you and me any more than obesity does so why does it matter? It only effects you and me when we arrest these people and then have to pay for their stay in prison. Theres some crazy number of people incarcerated in the US for drugs and thats all the tax payers responsibility for making sure they have cable, food, gyms, clothing and an option for an education.

Its crazy if you ask me. My husband and I got into a long discussion about it the other day. He was defending why its illegal because of the fact that it ruins peoples lives. But to me, so does jail, prison, obesity, and ANYTHING in excess. I don’t think its far to tell people what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Especially if its going to cost me more money in taxes! Not to mention I fucking like drugs and I know how to use them responsibly. Meaning, not while driving, not while I’m working, not when it could effect the lives of my children or anyone for that matter. If you don’t know what I mean by responsibly, look it up the word “responsible” and that is me. I get shit done, and then yours.

So case in close, drugs can ruin lives but so can cigarettes, McDonalds, video games, overeating, alcohol, cars, other people, giving birth, allergies, mother nature, isolation, ANYTHING in excess. Why are drugs illegal? What would happen if we used the incarceration money we pay in taxes for a better education system?





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