Painting Roses

3 min video on painting roses!

What you will need: Water, paint, brushes, table protector (trash bag works), a rag to wipe your brush, pencil and your inspiration to reference!

  1. Draw the basic shapes first. In this case it was 4 or 5 circles and 2 curved lines for the vase. The shapes are just guides to remind you where to paint.
  2. Pick a brush size that correlates with the shapes you’ll be painting. I worked with a medium paint brush the whole time for this and a small one at the very end for the darker details.
  3. Dip brush in the paint and start moving the brush around the shapes you drew. I kept adding more color to my brush and not washing it in between colors. It works for this expressionistic style painting.
  4. Keep brush strokes moving. Its really important for you NOT to keep going over the same stoke with your brush. If you do, it will blend all the colors and loose a lot of depth and dimension.
  5. Mix several colors on your palette and canvas to get various shades and textures.
  6. Use white to lighten any color and black or dark blue to darken.
  7. Paint the sides of the canvas along with your front. You could also paint the sides black or another color!
  8. Go in with a smaller brush to paint some of the darker lines and shadows in between the roses. It creates a neat contrast.
  9. Finishing touches and sign your name!

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