Snap Chat Mom Bonus

I’m 29 and I still do the occasional, “look at how cute I am” snaps. It’s rare because I hardly ever look presentable anymore and when I do I don’t have time. That is exactly why all my “look how cute I am” snaps are of me in the car, when it really says “look how dumb I am” doing this while driving. Anyway, something very cool about Snap Chat for me is the fact that I have a time line of my 2 year old growing up from 5 months old, all in short and sweet lil snippets.

I’ve keep my images from my phones backed to my Mac and transferred them to iPhotos where they are linked to my google account and protected from loss. The cool part though is that all the videos you upload into iPhotos can be played in a slide show back to back. With all the short snap style videos it goes by just as fast as you can remember, but it’s really neat watch and I think it’ll be really cool when he’s older too. I’m glad I make the effort to keep these. Thanks Snap Chat.


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