Politicians Stealing the American Dream

6  george herron (1 of 1).jpgWhere is Robin Hood when you need him?

Guys heres the where I’m at. My Grandparents had nothing, 5 kids all living in one room. Their house was literally a living room and a kitchen and they all slept together in the living room. They slowly added one room at a time on to their house, building it themselves as they could. My grandmother didn’t even have shoes. You get the point.

My father grows up, not great in school, but he goes to a technical college and gets his associates degree and gets to work as a technician. 35 years of constant fighting to keep his job with constant layoffs, mandatory certifications to be passed in order to keep positions, dotting i’s and crossing t’s, not taking advantage of a single cent later, he’s loyal to the same company and moved up in his department making about 100,000 a year. He’ll be 60 next year be he’s going to work for 10 more to pay of the debt he accumulated to fix the house he grew up in. Not easy, but he did it. You get the point.

I was born middle class because of this. My mother did not work so she could raise us, and he was making about 30k-40k less when I was growing up, but I had everything I needed and wanted for the most part. When I graduated high school, I went to the institute to get my Bachelor of Arts degree. I wanted to be finished after my associates but it was important to my father that I surpass what he’d accomplished. He offered to pay for the remainder of my tuition if I get the BA degree, so i did it. Even though it was a completely inflated price of 90k for my degree, which he didn’t have, it was a good decision to better myself in this direction.

I graduate in 2008 and go to work at a daycare because we all know the economy’s condition that year. I pushed through and “faked it until I made it”, getting a “real job” as a sales rep. I got fired from that job and took a job selling art on cruise ships, gaining a lot of work ethic, culture, and live experience. When I came back I had became pretty great at high end sales and had no problem getting another job in that area. I made a pretty good living at this time, but I was miserable.

Ok thats the back story so everyone understands where I’m coming from. Politics:

I opened my company (not easy) and it got super successful really quick (not typical), within the first year all debt was paid off and me and my husband were driving in a new car with a new baby in a new house. BAM! Because it was the first year, we had a lot of expenses to write off and since I wasn’t technically married and with a child, I actually got  back about $6k on my taxes. LIGHT BULB, never get married, make more kids, not money. No way, surly if I make more money it’ll be mine right? Wrong.

Ok second year rolls around, can’t write off anything extra than usual expenses, Business profits about 50k after expenses. Then BAM, I get a 30k tax bill. OK so I actually made 20k, and had I not still been on Medicade from qualifying in the previous year, I would have actually made zero dollars because we had to have health care right?  It was a humongous and unexpected bill. The difference between those two figures puts you in different tax bracket for a reason.

OK so the government took $30,000 from my super back breaking, emotionally exhausting, life sacrificing hard work. Just because I am business owner I get higher taxes. Who made created this? Wouldn’t it be much easier for me to sit at home and get free health care, claim I didn’t make any money with all my kids as a single mom and get money back on my taxes? Definitely something I considered. You can’t blame people for doing it. But why is the system set up like this? For suckers like me? I’ve heard people say its about government control and manipulation, but at that point things get so sticky and twisted who really knows right? I do know something ain’t right about it.

I love my work, I love my life I’ve built from scratch, I worked my ass off for everything I have including my strength, confidence and intelligence. I didn’t inherit a bunch of smarts or money, I wasn’t handed privilege, I did it all on my own, blood sweat and tears. Lots of tears. This new Republican President we have ourselves now promised to cut small business owner tax in half from 30% to 15%. He says it will give small businesses a chance to actually stay alive, create jobs for those on welfare and help boost the economy. Not only does that make since to me, but it seems I’ll actually be able to keep some of the money that I slave and sacrifice to make.

Alright, so on other political issues, social issues, like pro choice and gay marriage. I’m very much for these, does it effect me and my family personally? Sure, I had a gay uncle, I’ve had a serious relationship with another woman, my mom had to get several abortions because of rape from a family member, close friends of mine had to get abortions because they weren’t ready to be a mom, close friends of mine are gay. It is important to me that people have a choice. However do my gay uncle, mom or friends pay my tax bills? No. Did I even care if I got married when I was involved with another woman or even ever for that matter? No. Is it still important for these people to have a choice? Yes. But what happens if I can’t pay my bill because it all went to the government? My house gets taken away, I become a major drug addict to deal with the pain because it is actually the only escape from reality other than sleep and my kids get taken away at that point more than likely. Leaving me in jail eventually getting meals paid for by you, the person making 30k a year using credit cards to pay for your kids school field trips. Being in jail is better than being homeless so screw it.

What is this full circle here? Who is making all this imaginary money? I am going to say the career politicians. I do believe they should have term limits like the presidents to prevent them from making so much money that they feel the need to have gold toilet seats. Donald Trump said he wasn’t going to take a salary, so should congress, then I bet they’d all find another job. The people passing the laws about how much money they need to steal from me are making more than our educators. Educating people the right way would perhaps mean we’d end up with a more productive, fair and efficient society. Think about it, shouldn’t we be beyond burning fuel to drive in cars 2,017 years later after all these incredible discoveries and technologies? We can make energy from water. What is the hold up?

Maybe somebody will ready this and it’ll change their outlook. Maybe they will have enough influence somewhere that can make a difference. Just maybe Robin hood will pop out and start stealing back all the money career politicians stole so they can then get to work on a better economy. They stole from hard working people who came from nothing and actually made something for themselves to drive jaguars, and snort cocaine off their high end escort’s breasts.

Yet all my friends are marching around with their 4 year olds holding signs that say, “Donald Trump can’t grab my pussy.” I’ll be depressed for the rest of the day. I can’t even re-read this for a proof read so I apologize for that. March on ladies, I’m gonna pray for Robin Hood I guess. A fox cartoon that has a friend named Little John. Sounds promising doesn’t it?


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