A Drawing of My Son

Gavin drawing 2016.jpg

This is a drawing that I did of my son during 2 nights between the hours of 2:00am and 5:am. I was watching a bunch of Youtube videos of people drawing realistic pictures using an apparent time laps ap, where the whole video is in fast motion. Every now and then they’d put the camera in real time and you could see how slow they are actually drawing.

This turned a light bulb on for me because I am always rushing through life, rushing through things I love because I fee like there is so much to do. I’m also impatient and often anxious. I couldn’t sleep and I was very inspired so I went to town with my color pencils and favorite picture to reference. And for the first time in my life I took my time with something.

I noticed when I started working on it the 2nd day I wasn’t as relaxed and certainly not taking my time. At this point I was excited to see the finished product because It has started out really good. So I made the decision to stop before I messed it up. I will work on another one when I can just surrender to the moment again. Sometime when the family spends the night out of town working at our other location, theres nobody beside me in bed, no time to wake up in the morning and its just me and my thoughts.

Thanks for viewing!


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