Be Nice

DSC05409.jpgLately I have been working on trying to think before I speak. I am not naturally like this, however. In the past I have been described as crass, blunt, direct, harsh, too strong, off the cuff, emotional etc. I started noticing the draining effect it had on my life so I decided to take note.

When I first made a name for myself as a business owner, I couldn’t figure out the image I wanted to represent. Powerful vixon, young successor, strong woman, eccentric shark, unconventionally successful, not politically correct but very accomplished, wild card winner, proof that you don’t need a degree from Harvard to be a successful entrepreneur. I started trying to take comfort in being a wild card. I thought that I can be however I wanted because I always have been and it has worked for me and gotten me to this point.

OK, the truth is I am very fortunate, but I am also very curious and very open to receiving. I’ve had my struggles and life trauma like all of us trust me, but I have a overall very good outlook on life. I grew up middle class, both parents loved me, and I had the ability to relate to people and make things happen. I was fortunate enough to be able to do many adventurous things, a combo of having support and determination. So when it came to opening my own business (and really doing it this time) I was successful. Most people claimed they were not surprised (I actually was).

Anyway, my point is that my whole life I have been described as the all adjectives above, pretty care-free even rude at times, and gotten by just fine mostly. Of course I had plenty of confrontations but I always felt as though I had won most of them and never stopped to think maybe this could be whats draining me so much. So I guess it empowered me and fueled me to be even more demanding. The lesson that I just learned lately however, is how to be demanding with tact. The outcome is a much more positive experience for everything involved. There is a way to be demanding without being crass or abrasive. If your not a natural at sophistication like me, all you have to do is stop and think before you reply to situations.

Think; ” Will this cause a positive reaction? What does this person want? How can I make this person happy but stand in my beliefs? Can this hurt this person?” Ask yourself some of these questions while your in a situation. Practicing couth is just better for all relationships; your mom, friends, customers who complain, disgruntled employees, and fellow neighboring business owners that think they own you (still working on this one).

Now, that said, people who aren’t associated in your life circles that want to cause a ruckus don’t deserve the energy that couth takes for people like me. In fact they don’t deserve your precious energy at all for that matter. However, this shouldn’t be happening with all the good energy you have surrounding you. But examining the Law of Attraction is for another post.


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