Don’t Belong, Just Be

With all the chaos in todays world, huge divisions are being formed. I have opinions like everybody else but don’t need to define exactly where I stand. My feelings change as my understanding grows, however the more I learn the more neutral I become. Choosing a side closes the mind to the other side and eliminates the expansion of understanding.

There are many shades of grey in between black and white, its a fact, so try to embrace multiple opinions, question facts vs. truth, and challenge the complexity of the human mind. If you are extreme winged, the leader of a protest, or 100% in any one belief, just know that you’re only one out of billions of people and each person has their own unique feeling towards it too. What makes yours better than the next? What makes your facts more true than theirs? Whats the root of your emotional behavior? No thats not it, dig deeper. And is that something that effects society as a whole? Impossible. Even if half of a country is protesting something, even if you know something is wrong or right, don’t let it own you or shade you from the real problems out there. WE are in this together. Lets not fight each other, but look at the decision makers who got us here and why.

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